Voyager 2

The scalable Web Intelligence platform for Law Enforcement Agencies.


Voyager is a turn key in-house web crawling and web intelligence platform for customers who want full control over their data and want to keep their intelligence within their premises.

Capture Online Sources

Voyager uses a state-of-the-art crawling engine (Voyager Data Dragon) to capture and collect (dynamic) web pages, images and videos from Web sites, market places, forums, Social Media and Darknet sources like Tor hidden services.
Very targeted or thousands of sites in parallel.

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Build Intelligence

Voyager analyses the captured data and combines it with other sources in order to build information, extract meta data and entities and construct networks and relations.
The Voyager Apollo analysis pipeline can be extended and configured to meet your information needs.

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Get Insights

All data in Voyager can be explored with an intuitive user interface (Voyager Jedi) that offers custom search and filter options and visualisations like geographical views, time charts and powerful network graphs.
This allows teams to find new evidence, get valuable insights and discover trends.

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Voyager JEDI

Voyager JEDI provides an intuitive visual user interface for exploring datasets. It allows users to search, filter, drill-down and explore documents and entities and discover relations.

Visualizing entities and their relations is key to understanding networks.

Need to know if two people are connected? Want to discover the central person in a network? Interested in how profiles are connected to threat signals?
Voyager reconstructs social graphs by extracting entity and relation information from many different sources. It visualises the entities and their relations, allows for relational queries and offers ad-hoc network analyses.

An overview of your key metrics on one page.

Each team can create custom dashboards to keep track of their most important insights and trends, cross-dataset.
All dashboard widgets support for drill-down to the underlaying data for further analysis.

Keep track of your work.

Voyager JEDI comes with a light-weight case management system which allows you to keep track and collaborate.
Important information can be bookmarked as evidence. All activity within a case is logged for later reference.

Get notified when new relevant results appear.

Any query and filter in Voyager JEDI can be turned into a powerful subscription. When subscribed to a query, users get notified as soon as the crawlers find new matching results.
Do you want to be notified as soon as somebody publishes a new post containing certain words? Do you want to know when the crawlers find new images of Child Abuse in your region? This is where subscriptions come in place.

Voyager's fact based analysis framework



Voyager Apollo comes with a collection of generic textual entity extraction plugins for extracting email addresses, telephone numbers, PGP keys, Bitcoin addresses, named geo locations and customizable dictionaries of risk terms.

In addition, there are plugins for image EXIF extraction (including GPS information), face detection, Microsoft Photo DNA, etc.

Custom sources

Besides data from online sources (Web and Darkweb) Apollo also supports the analysis of other data sources, like user defined facts, case data, database dumps, logs etc.

Apollo combines all this information to build new factual information.


Web-IQ offers a central plugin repository which contains the most up-to-date code for site specific support. Voyager Apollo reconstructs social graphs and user activity by extracting profiles, relations, posts, commments etc.

3rd party services

Voyager Apollo offers advanced support for integration with other services. For example: 3rd party translation services like IBM Watson and (in house) Systran Translation service, online image processing services etc.


All meta data that is extracted is accounted for. Voyager Apollo keeps track of every piece of the puzzle so you always know exectly how information was constructed and where information it came from.

Network analysis

Voyager Apollo supports advanced network analyses.

Voyager Crawling Engine

Data Dragon

  • Voyager's customizable crawling engine.
  • Javascript rendering
  • Support for socials that have closed api’s (Facebook, Twitter) by logged-in crawling
  • Capturing all request made by the website to render a page (html, images, css, javascript even dynamically loaded)
  • Capturing of rendered Document Object Model (DOM) next to downloaded DOM
  • Capturing screen shots of webpages
  • Return crawled data in open data format, HTTP Archive 1.2
  • Scripting engine for specific websites (for example ‘clicking on agree button to accept cookies’ or ‘fill in username and password and click login button’)
  • Script repository with Web-IQ scripts (created and maintained by Web-IQ) for popular websites and the option to add custom defined scripts.
  • Uses real world browser components like Chrome.

Voyager Crawling features

Smart and targeted

Every crawl is initiated by a user by providing one, several or millions of seeds (start URLs). From there, Voyager allows for fine-grained crawl control based on server locations, language, url patterns and crawl depth, in combination with focused crawling using keywords.

Voyager also has the option to only store keyword-matched documents.


Voyager supports custom revisit policies which allows you to refetch documents on specified intervals, which allows for monitoring scenarios. All document revisions are stored and can be accessed and queried via Voyager's UI.

Site Specific Logic

Web-IQ offers a central plugin repository which contains the most up-to-date code for site specific support.

Facebook changing its web site? A Darknet forum with new login policy? No problem, Web-IQ engineers will keep the corresponding plugins up-to-date and make them available to your Voyager installation.

In addition, customers can add and share their own Voyager plugins.

Crawl Anonymously

Support for crawling via HTTP proxies and 3rd party proxy services. Voyager comes with a Tor proxy which allow you to crawl Clear web sites anonymously via the Tor network.

Voyager includes standard politeness rules, cookie support and random crawl delays to mimic user activity.

1,000,000,000 +

Voyager supports crawling thousands of web sites in parallel. Thereby building datasets of billions of web pages, images and videos.

Voyager supports multiple crawlers running in parallel.

Voyager supports web pages, images and videos out of the box. Other data formats can be added via plugins.

User Interface and API

Crawlers can be created and controlled via a simple User Interface or the crawling API.

Social Media support

Voyager Data Dragon captures rich data (profiles, posts, photos, relations ...etc.) from popular Social Media networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This includes support for logged-in crawling.

The Darknet

Voyager Data Dragon supports crawling Tor Hidden Services out of the box. You can setup dedicated Tor crawlers or catch Tor links (.onion) directly when the crawler encounters them on the Clear Web - thereby creating interesting relations between the Clear Web and Darknet. Other Darknet networks, techniques and protocols (like Freenet and I2P) can be supported by custom plugins and proxies.

Web-IQ actively crawls Tor Hidden services, forums and Black Markets since 2015. This growing dataset with millions of documents is available to our partners.

Deployment options

Voyager as a Service

VoyagerOne as a service in the cloud. Managed by Web-IQ. Give your team instant access to Web-IQ’s valuable live datasets based on millions of Darknet and Clearnet documents.
Optionally let Web-IQ experts create new dedicated datasets for you and your team.

Voyager on-premises

Purchase an on-site license to run VoyagerOne on your own scalable infrastructure and have full control over all aspects of the web intelligence platform.
Includes dedicated training and technical and intel support from Web-IQ.

Available as a Single Team license or Enterprise License.